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Wil McCarthy

Science for Hire

Wil McCarthy has served as a consultant in a variety of areas.  Creative consulting includes: personal and professional editing, continuity and fact checking, web content creation, graphic novel and dramatic scripts, science advice, and the writing of creative fiction and nonfiction.  Technical consulting includes proposal writing, software engineering, LAN setup and security, robotics, Artificial Intelligence/Artificial Life, guidance/navigation/control, systems engineering/troubleshooting, and space science/spacecraft design.

Speaking engagements on a variety of subjects can also be arranged.

Rates are negotiable depending on circumstances, financial contstraints, and how interesting your project is.  Creative writing (both fiction and non-) is charged by the word.  Technical projects (including proposal writing) are charged by the hour.  Availability is not guaranteed, especially if your project is dull.  Speaking engagements are charged by the day.

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Graduated Air Academy High School, May '84. B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, May '88. Some graduate coursework in astrodynamics.
Conversational German, Japanese, and Esperanto.


Active Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Former President, Northern Colorado Writers' Workshop. Former Creative Writing Instructor for Colorado Free University and Jefferson County Adult/Continuing Education Program.
Little Bookshop of Horrors (Arvada, CO), Rue Morgue(Boulder, CO), Mile-High L5 Society, Front Range L5 Society, Denver Area Science Fiction Association, ConGo (Denver, CO), MileHiCon (Denver, CO), NumberKhan (Colorado Springs, CO), World Science Fiction Convention, World Fantasy Convention, Bubonicon (Albuquerque, NM), Rocky Mountain Book Festival (Denver, Colorado), Pike's Peak Writers' Conference, AnaConism (Denver, Colorado), The Tattered Cover Bookstore (Denver, CO), The Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA), University Bookstore (Seattle, WA), others.
V-Khan (Colorado Springs, CO, July '94): Toastmaster. Black Hills Writers' Conference (Twin Falls, SD, April '95): Science Fiction GOH. VII-Khan (Colorado Springs, CO, July '96): Guest of Honor. MileHiCon (Denver, CO, October '96): Toastmaster. Anaconism (Denver, CO, January '97): Toastmaster.  Bubonicon (Albuquerque, NM, August '97): Toastmaster.
Canada, Mexico, Japan (all major islands except Hokkaido, incl. VIP tours of space launch facilities at Tanegashima and Kagoshima), Korea (just the airport), Ireland, Great Britain (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland), France. Every U.S. state except Alaska, including a major 6-state book-signing tour in the summer of '96.
PADI Rescue Diver certification (44 logged dives, 24:00 hours TBT). Experienced in underwater assembly, search and recovery, navigation, etc. Limited martial arts including aikido, fencing.
11/99 - Pres: Senior R&D Engineer, Omnitech Robotics, Incorporated, Englewood, CO.  Various hardware and software hacking for autonomous vehicle development.
09/98 - 11/00: Systems Engineering Manager, Omnitech Robotics, Incorporated, Englewood, CO. Development Engineering: Lead technical liaison between Software, Electrical, Mechanical, and Manufacturing/Test Engineering groups through design of Mark IV Standardized Robotic System, a kit to convert any land vehicle for robotic operation.

12/97 - 08/98: Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Flight Systems, Denver CO.  SBL Mission Analysis: Design of satellite constellations for maximum Earth coverage under various requirements, C and FORTRAN programming, animation design, video presentation.

08/88 - 12/97: Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Space Launch Systems, Denver CO. Titan Guidance and Navigation:  design and testing of Titan booster guidance algorithms for use in orbital and interplanetary launches including Skynet, JCSAT, Intelsat, Mars Observer, MSX, Cassini, Milstar, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, NOAA, various classified programs.
Past Jobs: Cashier, Night Guard, Information Clerk, Dishwasher, Research Assistant, Computer Programmer, Bartender.

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